We’ll help you prepare for Devcon so you can focus on what matters

A concierge service for companies

I'm interested
Crypto Nomads have a massive network of crypto professionals they cater to.
Johannes Kern
Founder @Nerif Network
Working with CN was equivalent to putting 2 of our full time employees on the job.
APAC Marketing @Ripple
CNC knew about the Devcon venue 4 months before it was publicly announced.
Barto Molina
CNC Member, Alchemy

What it is

  • We’ll help you put together a Devcon side event of any size
  • We’ll promote it on our platform for max visibility
  • We’ll sign you up to side events, handle merch, or find you speaker opps  

Why us?

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What's in the package ✨

  • Venue scouting
  • Vendor outreach
  • Insights on other side events
  • Co-host matching or co-sponsor opportunities
  • Marketing campaign for your company and your event on our app and socials
  • Other research related questions & on the ground admin work

Add On

  • Merch design, printing & delivery
  • Help your team plan & sign up to side events
  • Find speaker opportunities for you or your team
  • Interested in only the add on?
    Inquire below↓

How it works:

  1. Submit your request and highlight your needs
  2. We’ll get back to you with the final quote & scope of work
  3. You’ll be added to a Telegram group chat with our team for live updates

📢  Limited Offer  📢

We aim to deliver high quality service and as such, we’ll only  onboard up to 10 companies for this service

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Who is this service for?
When should I start thinking about Devcon?
I’m only interested in parts of the offering, is that ok?
I know we should be at Devcon, but don’t have an idea of what to do. Can you advise?
On the day of the event, will you help us run the event too?