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web3 builders
from around the world

  • Join token-gated group chat
  • Attend global dinners
  • Plan web3 destinations based on where others are going

Crypto Nomads Club is the only community that caters to web3 founders and builders on a global level.

I cannot say good enough things about this group 🥺 🤝 ❤️
- Anjali, founder of Collab.Land

Our members work at:

Builders who Understand Web3

Insights on Web3 ecosystem in every city
Relevant IRL connections wherever you travel
Friends who care about the tech, not just the token price
Member perk: Lifetime access to Web3 Cities

All the benefits of living in a big city, without needing to live in one:

Increase your dealflow
Find hackathon team mates
Get support for your nomadic/ frequent travel & remote work lifestyle

What else comes with the membership?

Intel from our events app (cool hackathons, coliving, parties)
Tickets to major crypto events
Discounted RamenDAO dinners & other CNC events
Member directory & Lifetime access to Web3 Cities by Crypto Nomads Club
“CNC got me free tickets to both Permissionless ($1K) and Consensus ($2K), and held cool events at both! So worth it”
- Lachlan Todd, technical writer & digital nomad

Event Organizers We've Worked with:

Our Early Supporters

3% of total CNC passes are soulbound & gifted to our Crypto Frens. They are seasoned founders, builders and investors, who agreed to join when all we had was a Notion page. 

If you’ve provided value to CNC or CNC members, and we think you’d be a good addition to our community but aren’t our member yet, we will invite you.

Become a member
Jay Kurahashi-Sofue
VP Marketing at
Ava Labs
Anna Alexa
Community Program
lead at Celo
Foundation 🌍
Mike Fraietta
Founder of
EmpireDAO 🇺🇸
Filipe Macedo
Founder of
Talent Protocol 🇵🇹
Nader Dabit
Head of DevRel at Eigen Layer, Founder of
Developer DAO 🇺🇸
Francesco Renzi
CEO of Superfluid 🌎
Kartik Talwar
Co-founder of
ETHGlobal 🇺🇸
Founding Steward of Azos Finance, SporkDAO, & Opolis 🇺🇸
Erica Kang
Founder of KryptoSeoul, BUIDL Asia & ETHSeoul
Mark Smargon
CEO of Fuse Labs 🇮🇱
Founder of
MonkeDAO 🇸🇬
Jack Sanford
CEO of
Sherlock 🇺🇸
Jacob Willemsma
Co-founder of
ETHGlobal 🇨🇦
Clayton Roche
Head of Community
at UMAProtocol 🇨🇷
David Mihal
Founder of
Cryptostats 🇵🇹
Juan Guillen
Facilitator at
MakerDAO 🌍
Rachel Black
Founder of
GoodGhosting 🇬🇧
Tom Howard
Investor and
Entrepreneur 🇸🇬
Alex Ho
Founder of Lavarage 🇨🇦
Marine Arnaud
Head of BD
at Lava Network 🇫🇷 🇵🇹

CNC members have collectively raised over $200M.
Companies our members have founded:



Before cnc
  • Web3 alpha was hard to find 

  • Multiple group chats with bots, spam, or grifters

  • Messy event spreadsheets 

  • Wanting to hang out with people in startups & web3, but unsure where to find them
  • One moderated group chat with frens who work in web3

  • Founder to founder advice
  • CNC team that works full time on aggregating events & providing alpha on web3 builder landscape around the world
  • Relevant introductions, member directory, tickets, IRL dinners, and so much more

*Note: Mints are for a lifetime membership. They are capped and will only be available for a limited time. We look to grow our community in quality, rather than quantity. Our future roadmap will not include more lifetime mints, but rather creating more value via our webapp.

Over 30 global dinners & meetups
2 co-living experiences during Devcon VI and Devconnect Istanbul
Members met in over 20 countries

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